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Tony. The Pony from Benoni 3

“Tony the Pony from Benoni.” A poem by Gord Laws

A poem I wrote back in 2012 about an heroic steed who fought for love and his beliefs against oppressive cultural norms. And, racist zebras

September 24, 2014 funny, poems, writing
Heart made of hands 0

If I Was Better (2012)

A poem I wrote for my wonderful girlfriend Ingrid. Essentially, it’s all about how there are sometimes no words. I’d have dreamed of you all

October 11, 2013 poems, serious
Weed Dragon 0

The Chronicles of Lucas (2006)

Probably my favourite ever piece of my writing. Certainly one of them, at any rate. I have a plan to one day write the whole

September 11, 2013 funny, poems
Moth 0

Poised To Stop To Break To Resume To Fail To Go Nowhere But Here (2008)

Another old, unstructured one from my early days of putting poems out into the world. It’s kind of frantic and haphazard, but there’s imagery I

March 11, 2013 poems, serious
Rose 0

You (2007)

A goodbye-poem I wrote for Tamar; the lovely girl I dated from 1999 (when I was 17 in Matric) until 2006 (when I was 25,

March 11, 2013 poems, serious
Good 0

It’s Good (2008)

A poem that marks one of the first days I ever felt real hope. It was a few months before I properly started the mission

March 11, 2013 poems, serious
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Suck It Up (2008)

Another early, angry little rant from the early days of writing these things in a public forum. This one was actually me freestyle rhyming (“rapping”)

March 11, 2013 poems, serious
Just be 0

It is What You Are. You Have No Choice But to Be. So Be. (2006)

Another very early, kind-of-haphazard poem of mine. I really like the sentiment and some of the imagery, even if the structure and flow leave something

March 11, 2013 poems, serious, Uncategorized
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