A goodbye-poem I wrote for Tamar; the lovely girl I dated from 1999 (when I was 17 in Matric) until 2006 (when I was 25, had finished two qualifications and worked full-time for two years). We broke up amicably, mutually and on good terms. She’s getting married soon, and I think the world of her. Such a massive piece of my life. But it feels like another life, if that makes sense?


You make me feel like all is well,
Even when the only thing well is you.
You make me believe in a state that is better.
You make me smile without doing a thing.
You cause me to randomly sing songs in public.
I look and sound stupid,
But i feel like Sinatra in a smokey Vegas lounge.

I am powerless to resist that thing in your eyes.
For all the riches in the world i couldn’t hold back the smile.
When you hurt i would give you my life as a bandage.
I would give you my soul to rub on your wounds.

You’ve been the light at the end of so many dark tunnels,
And all you wanted in return was me.
I’m sorry about all the supply complications in that regard.
You’ve given me a reason to face myself in battle.
To get up after so many jabs to the heart.
Thanks for being in the underdog’s corner.

For all my selfishness, short-sightedness and immaturity,
I am sorry.
For all your patience, your beauty and your blindness to my failings,
I am thankful.

You deserve everything good in the world.
You beautiful, wonderful pain-in-the-ass.
You drive me insane… in every sense of the word.
You taught me how to love… in every sense of the word.
I reckon i’ve gotten pretty good at it. Shot.

You smell like love. Even when you’re all stinky.

I love you.
I wish you good love, good luck and good sailing,
whatever happens, wherever you go…

Gord Laws, 2007