Hail to the Bird

Oh, Mighty Hen of Glory!
Oh, bird of flightless mirth!
I’ll sing the world your story!
To recognise your worth!

From skies above they cast you down,
They treated you unfair.
They struck you down upon the ground
And you were then stuck there.

For thirteen seconds, you did fly,
A record was then set.
It was a gallant, fearless try.
One we will not forget!

Oh, Mighty Bird!
Oh, Golden Egg!
Oh stick-of-drum and thigh!
Oh battered skin,
In oil soaked,
You did not vainly die!

Roasted whole and served with rice,
Preceded by a starter,
We recognise your sacrifice,
Heroic chicken martyr.

Lions, leopards, hippos too,
They’re all okay, I guess,
But chicken, when compared to you,
They’re always second best!

Hail the chicken!
Hail, I cry!
So tasty, yet unflightful.
In pan, as curry, or on braai…

You are fucking delightful!

– Gord Laws, 2013