Suck It Up (2008)

Another early, angry little rant from the early days of writing these things in a public forum. This one was actually me freestyle rhyming (“rapping”) in my head at work. I liked it, so I tried to take down as much of the rhyme as I could remember. Glad I did. It’s suitably mid-twenties angsty, I think.

Suck It Up

We’ve all been stifled
We’ve all been extinguished.
You think your common all-garden variety life is distinguished?
From what?
From every other bit-part actor grasping at the plot?
What? You can’t take stock of all the things that you’ve got?
Or maybe you meant to, but simply forgot?

It’s sad. It’s pathetic.
That eyes meet your eyes with vibes sympathetic?

You’re alone. That’s all.
If you fall, it’s your fault that you fall.
Blame anyone whom you feel fit to take blame.
At the end of the day, your outcome’s the same.
Alone and naked at the start of this game,
At the end.
In the middle.
It’s always the same.
Your suffering, struggle and everyone’s pain…

A matter of perspective.
A question of blame.

Gord Laws, 2008