“Raise Up the Streets” TVC featuring Kwesta, written for UrbanArt

This was a really enjoyable project to work on. I was asked by Marketing Exec Angie Daniel at footwear distributor Dangee|Carken to write the concept and voice-over script for a TVC, featuring South African hip hop icon, Kwesta, to announce the launch of his new signature sneaker.

The brief allowed me to write in slam-poetry-meets-hip-hop voice which is quite familiar and natural to me (both inside and outside of my professional life) and to call on my love and affinity for the Johannesburg inner-city streets and their vibrant culture. They are, after all, where I spent a lot of my formative years, for better or worse.

Of course, Kwesta added his own flavour here and there, but I’m quite honoured that he largely approved the original draft, and delivered the lines with the proper understanding and conviction behind their intention.

Well done to Angie, Kwesta, and all involved on the production end.

Bonus Fun Fact: I reached the semi-final of the Sprite/Channel-O Emcee Africa freestyle rapping championships in 2007, under the very Newtown Bridge seen in this video. Good times.