Publicis Groupe Africa “Solar System” Group Structure Graphic Concept

I was pleased, during a recent visit to Publicis Groupe Africa‘s offices in Johannesburg, to notice that a group-structure infographic – depicting the Group itself as the centre of a solar system, with its various divisions and companies within the Group orbiting around it – had popped up at various receptions and other places throughout the building.

I recognised the concept from an internal comms and intranet-related project I had done for Bryony van Zyl and John Dixon at Publicis Group Africa, a few months before in 2018 or 19.

Not sure I’d claim this as a “portfolio piece” per se, but it is kinda nice to see a concept I wrote into a document go onto become a graphic used across a group of companies for whom I’ve done a lot of work over the last decade or so.

It’s a little thing, I know. But they make me smile every time I visit.