Busting the Ill Shit (A Ramble Without a Plan) (2008)

Ha ha! I really enjoyed this one. It’s a lot of fun. Entirely frivolous, which was – if I recall correctly – entirely the point. I haven’t read this since around about the time I wrote it, and I really enjoyed reading it now.

Busting the Ill Shit (A Ramble Without a Plan)

I will bust the ill shit,
for the ill shit requires busting.
And for that we need a buster,
Faithful, true and trusting!

And I will be that guy,
With my quiver and my knife.
I’ll bust the fucking ill shit.
For all my mortal life.

Hell yes, my lovely anthropods,
The time to bust is now.
Because right now i say, by god,
It’s time we all got down!

I’m off to slay a dragon,
And slaughter me some trolls,
Get a Weber from my wagon,
And braai them over coals!

Motherfuckers, standing in the way
Of our right to get down!
I tell you we will win the day,
And rest beneath the crown!

We must protect the funk, my friends.
If necessary, die.
For if the flavour ever ends,
We will have lived a lie.

Poetry for poet’s sake,
And art to appease art…
Well it’s better than what you create,
At least it is a start!

Some come on boets and jocks around,
Lay down your collared shirts!
The time has come to get on down,
and groove until it hurts!

We can do it if we try!
We can live a life of fire.
Or we can work in suit and tie,
But fuck me, that sounds dire.

Come one and all,
Come man and child!
Come strangers to the rock!
Come have a ball,
Come get buckwild
If not, then suck my cock!

If you feel me,
let me hear you say
“fuck yeah, Heavy G”
If not,
well i guess that’s okay,
‘Cos I will always be

The one who busts the ill shit.
The one sent from Above
To step up front and to kill shit,
In the name of truth and love!

Gord Laws, 2008