Opel Grandland X Plug-in-Hybrid “Überzeugt selbstbewusst” TVC for McCann Germany

In 2020, I was contracted by McCann Frankfurt to write a TVC for the new Opel Grandland X Plug-in Hybrid, alongside Donovan Bryan and the McCann/Opel Team in Germany.

Opel Grandland X Plug-in-Hybrid “Überzeugt selbstbewusst” TVC

My first time writing in English intended to be translated into German, this was an interesting and enjoyable challenge. Once various script-angle options had been approved and then shortlisted down to the final product, a careful translation process was undertaken, which was a new and interesting experience.

The translation process is more about understanding the meaning and intention behind the comments, entendres, and humour, rather than attempting to recreate translate it literally, word-for-word. Instead of your words being translated, it’s an exercise in translating personality, meaning, subtext, and… well, vibe.

The title “Überzeugt selbstbewusst” literally translates to “confidently self-confident“.

Thank you to the team at McCann Frankfurt and Opel Germany for having me on board.