Toon: “The Dull-Eye Llama” by Gord Laws (2011)

I was sitting at Yamada Sushi with my buddy Dale, when suddenly I burst out laughing, as I do when this kind of  idea strikes me. I think there’d been some controversy at the time regarding the actual Dali Lama not being allowed into SA, but it was in my consciousness for some reason or another.

I asked the manager if he had some paper. I happened to have a fine-liner handy… and voila! In a few seconds, the Dull-Eye Llama was born. I’m very fond of him. My dear friends Ryan and Jade Neebe were especially tickled by Dull-Eye, so I made them a gift of the original. Now he’s part of a happy family who do not judge him for having a… special feature.

Gord Laws is an award-winning feature writer, copywriter, creative director and voice artist. He also draws a pretty good cartoon, cracks a good joke/brief and is for hire.