Introducing… Turtlebird Books!

After more than a year and a half in planning and production, I’m very pleased to announce the official launch of my newly founded children’s book publishing company, Turtlebird Books.

Our website is live at, our first book – A Penguin Called Dave (and How the Day Was Saved), by Gord Laws, illustrated by Danae – is now also available for South African shoppers at, or worldwide from your local Amazon store. Follow us on instagram – @turtlebirdbooks.

Turtlebird Books currently has seven illustrated kids’ books in various stages of production, with our second title set to follow A Penguin Called Dave, early in 2022. And, another dozen more, and counting, also in various stages of planning.

Turtlebird Books is founded with the intention of bringing wonder, joy, and kindness, together with rhyme and verse, in order to increase the love of reading and imagination in the young of mind, of all ages.

Here’s a passage from the About Us page on the Turtlebird website:

Hello, friend.

We’re Turtlebird Books. It’s so great to meet you.
There’s a whole world of wonder here, waiting to greet you!

It’s time to share stories, adventure, and rhyme.
And everyone’s welcome here, all of the time!

For kids of all ages; the old and brand new.
From our tiniest readers, to a-hundred-and-two!
Whatever you look like, whatever you do,
we’re happy to have you here, just being you!

We’re here to help children to feel like we did;
lost in great stories, when we were just kids.
We believe something the world badly needs,
is that small spark of magic, each time a child reads.

So, folks, it’s quite simple. Or, so it would seem…
We’re here to teach kids to imagine and dream.

It’s a great, big adventure. We’re just at the start of it!
Thank you for coming and being a part of it.

Yours, with worlds of love,
The Turtlebird.