Gord Laws Archive: Interview With Corey Taylor (2009)

This was an incredibly rad interview, and definitely one of my most memorable ever. I got to interview Corey Taylor (author, and vocalist of slipknot and Stone Sour) who is not only one of my all-time favourite singers and lyricists, but also a personality whom I greatly admire. What was even radder was the fact that he turned out to be a great guy.

Corey Taylor FHM Q&A by Gord Laws
Click this image to read or download the full PDF version. Reproduced with permission.

When he called me for our scheduled interview, I was caught off guard. It was two hours before the scheduled  time; a fairly common mix-up with the local record companies when arranging phoners (due to time zones, etc). I was driving, and pleaded with him to give me fifteen minutes to race back to the office, get my recording gear and get to a speaker phone.

He laughed and said it was no problem (trust me, most celeb-types would not even consider calling back) although it would have to be after he fetched his kids from school, but it would work for him because it would allow us to chat for longer.

True to his word, he called about 30 minutes later, asked me to keep the swearing to a minimum as his youngest children were in the car and chatted away for a good half an hour. As with many of my Q&As with people I admire, I have the (far longer) conversation recorded on a Minidisc (the gadget that never was!) and stashed away.

It was also a real coup for the magazine… Around that time, a murder had taken place in South Africa, involving a  high-school kid in a Slipknot-style kabuki mask, armed with a ninja sword. This was one of the only interviews they gave during that time and the only one given to South African press.

Big props to my buddy Mike Pocock for tirelessly helping me organise the interview.

PDF reproduced with permission from FHM South Africa (RIP)

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