Movie Review: Captain Marvel

It feels like there was a lot of hype around this one. According to some, this has something to do with a female protagonist, and something else about a “feminist agenda” in Hollywood, and blah, blah, blah. Yawn. Like Black Panther (which was just a very good movie), this was either going to be good or not – in my opinion – based on how it stacks up against other MCU movies, and superhero movies in general. That’s all.

I genuinely don’t care whether a hero is white, black, male, female, straight, gay, human, not human, or which football team they support. I love superhero flicks – especially Marvel ones (sorry DC, but everything other than Wonder Woman has been shit) – and I almost feel personally hurt when one lets me down (I’m looking at you; Ant Man and X-Men: Age of Apocalypse).

Back to Carol Danvers, then…

I think the hype on this one just started a little early, maybe. Or perhaps it was because of the Easter egg at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. But it seems like this fun, entertaining, perfectly wholesome, standard ol’ superhero flick started out with a lot on its shoulders. And maybe that’s why I felt like it should have blown me away just one click more than it did.

To me, it was just good. Not life-changing. Not especially memorable. But certainly worth the ticket, important to the continuity of the MCU, solid and entertaining in general. But also not truly mind-blowing in any aspect. And, had there been a bit less hype, maybe I’d have liked it that once notch more needed to push it into “awesome” territory. I dunno.

What’s Good About it?

Larson is loveable, cool and magnetic as Carol Danvers, but also tough and bad-ass-ey, without seeming to try too hard. She seems a pretty natural fit for a hero who is just good by nature, courageous, and otherwise just a rad person that’s easy to like. Getting a bit of backstory on Nick Fury (and his eye!) is very cool, and they nail the 90’s nostalgia stuff really nicely too. You kinda smile your whole way through it.

What’s Not So Good About it?

Larson runs funny. No, not “like a girl”. Lots of girls can run like hell. Just, like… awkwardly. A bit. Samuel L, too, actually, come to think of it. The running in this is not great in general, I guess.

It feels like they didn’t have quite enough movie to fill just over two hours with, so they just stretched it all out a bit and hoped for the best. And then, toward the end, when Danvers fully “becomes” (I’m trying not to add any spoilers here), they don’t show enough of it. She is supremely bad-ass, and I wouldn’t have minded them finding 10 to 15 minutes more minutes for that stuff, at the expense of some of the slow-canter middle parts. Or, maybe just done a 90-ish minute edit.

Best Bit(s):

The Flerken! Oh my god, the Flerken!

Oh, and Danvers reaching full “Super Saiyan” mode. That’s pretty killer too.


It’s good. Almost very good, but not quite. A worthy addition to the MCU, and a good excuse to chomp some popcorn. Could it have been better? Yeah. Did the hype/some peripheral political garbage hurt it for me? Maybe a little. Am I even more amped AF for Avengers: Endgame now? Holy shit, yes! Mission accomplished, Carol Danvers. Thank you, ma’am.

Score: 73/100