Hunter’s Dry new campaign line and concept: “Hold My Hunters”, for WPP Team Liquid South Africa

During 2019 and early 2020, I was brought onboard by WPP Team Liquid South Africa to work on the launch of a ATL/TTL brand-refresh and new campaign positioning line for future Hunter’s Dry ads and campaigns.

Alonside Felix Kessell, Khanya Sijaji, and the WPP team, I conceptualised and wrote the creative route and statement, “Hold my Hunter’s” – a playful yet defiant “we’ll see about that” in the face of “you can’t”.

Shortly after my contract had ended, however, the Covid 19 pandemic set in, and a new social-isolation-orientated storyline was adopted by the team, in order to launch the new campaign in a relevant and socially responsible way.

I’m hoping there will be many more from the WPP Team Liquid team to come from this campaign, and I’m excited to see which stories they will bring to life in this new creative territory.

Thanks to all involved for having me on board in refreshing this iconic South African cider brand.