Gord Laws (Lovingly) Parts Ways With OwenKessel. Gun Now For Hire

After two great years working with the good people of OwenKessel, Creative Director and Head of Copy Gord Laws has decided to move on and pursue the life of a creative mercenary. He will now also cease to write in the third-person, for the remainder of this article at least…

Gord Laws' Pen Tattoo
Gord Laws’ Pen: Mightier Than The Sword. And, Presently For Hire.

“Thank you, champions, for the blood, sweat, tears, the inspiration and, above all, education in great creative work. It’s been a blast and I’m proud of all the awesome things we made together. We won some accounts, won some awards and you have forever won my heart.

But, with my recent relocation to Cape Town, OwenKessel’s merging with Leo Burnett changing the lay of the land somewhat, and my yearning to write vast quantities of cool stuff across many formats, for many outlets (whilst actively pursuing the voice-over work that I equally love) I must be on my way.

Finally, it’s been an amazing and deeply fulfilling two-and-a-bit years at OwenKessel, and I’m honored to have worked with – and learned from – creative champions like my mentor Don Bryan, my wonderful partner Beth Dessington, Felix Kessel, Vaughan Owen, Mike Cook, Sunet Willemse and Stephanie Larson, among a few dozen others.

So long, and thanks for all the hugs…”

 Gord Laws is available – for the time being – on a freelance basis. To contact him about it, mail gordlaws@gmail.com. To find out why you probably should, go here.

Gord Laws is an award-winning feature writer, copywriter, creative director and voice artist. He also draws a pretty good cartoon, cracks a good joke/brief and is for hire.