Gord Laws Character Acting Voice-over Showcase

This was fun. I let all the voices in my head have an argument about whether I’m any good as a voice artist. The result? Inconclusive… You decide.

Actually, this is far from all the voices I can do, but we only had so much time during my portfolio-update recording session I did when I signed with my awesome agents, Owen S Management, after I moved back to Joburg in May 2017.

I can kinda do any voice, pretty much. Although some better and more naturally than others, obviously. I struggle with Irish, because it invariably morphs into Scottish pretty quickly. With a good reference, though, and a bit of time, I can usually manage most things. My best, though, is creating brand new voices for characters. But I love doing any voice over, no matter how plain or how insane.

It’s such a cool thing to get to do – let alone to get paid for – and I love it.

To book Gord Laws for a voice-over, contact Lance at Owen S Management.