Hiring Independent Advertising Specialists: Skip the Hive & Go Straight to the Honey!

Starting this article, I wanted to begin by saying that “specialised, experienced advertising/content consultants are the future”. But, in truth, we’re already the solution, right now.

When your business takes on a “traditional” or “big” agency, most of your marketing-spend essentially goes to keeping alive vast, complicated systems that exist purely to put distance, people, salaries and admin between you and the small group of perhaps three or four talented, qualified individuals that actually work on your brand and the communication elements the agency produces for you.

"Let's put this one on the expense account, boys."
“Let’s put this one on the expense account, boys.”

In essence, you are not only creating your own “broken telephone” scenario, but paying the salaries of the people between you and the actual service you want. Not to mention, their coffee, phones, office bar, specially printed stationary, office decor, and “expense accounts” used for heaven-only-knows what.

Before your money sends another executive director (who you are not “blue chip” enough to even meet, let alone work with) to Cannes… again… consider a more efficient, logical model. Work directly with an Independent advertising specialist; a consultant with the experience, and the network of trusted, proven suppliers, to do exactly what agencies would hire them to do, only faster, more efficiently & cost effectively, and with less red tape tied around dead weight.

Lose the beehive and work directly with the honey.