Toon: “Threecan” & “Nake” by Gord Laws (2013)

I really enjoy drawing critters. They pop into my mind and I need sorta “release” them by banging them out on whatever’s handy; be it a napkin, some notepad or whatever. Sometimes they’re fairly straight-forward animals like these two here. Other times they’re a little more, umm… nuts.

Lately, I’ve been trying to draw more, so I try to keep a decent sketch-pad, a clutch pencil, an eraser and a fine-liner handy. I’ve really been enjoying it. It also helps in terms of collecting them. Literally thousands have just been lost because I jot ’em down and then leave them behind.

These two little fellas were the result of a thought that popped into my head during a TV-series marathon last year (2013). I had my stuff handy, and boom! New critters. I think they’re kinda cool.

Threecan and Nake - toons by Gord Laws
“Threecan” and “Nake” – toons by Gord Laws
Gord Laws is an award-winning feature writer, copywriter, creative director and voice artist. He also draws a pretty good cartoon, cracks a good joke/brief and is for hire.