Toon: “Hypercondramouse” by Gord Laws (2006)

I like this little guy, even if I do feel a bit guilty for deliberately creating a creature that is always petrified, anxious and paranoid. Convinced he’s always one rapid beat of the heart away from agonising death (or worse), Hypercondramouse’s existence is not a very peaceful one. Poor little guy.

To be honest, I’m not sure exactly when I drew this little fella. It had to be close to 2006 though, as I remember where I sat in the FHM Office when I drew it. Also, it couldn’t have been too long after finishing my degree at Vega in 2003, as that’s when I was really drawing a lot of this kinda stuff. I’m glad I’ve started doing more of it again, after a good six or seven years of virtually none. Hope you like him.

Gord Laws is an award-winning feature writer, copywriter, creative director and voice artist. He also draws a pretty good cartoon, cracks a good joke/brief and is for hire.