#NotAskingForAnything campaign for Cipla

A campaign that I conceptualised, creative-directed, and wrote for Cipla’s CSI division – The Cipla Foundation – during 2016, whilst working as Executive Creative Strategist at HoneyKome.

Cipla is brand that really walk the walk when it comes to dedication to doing good. Their Foundation has several divisions, focusing on primary healthcare, distribution of medicine to townships and rural areas, and corrective surgery on underprivileged children with cleft palates, among others.

They wanted an integrated online campaign that would stress to people that every cent of their donations go to real causes, in which Cipla already heavily invest. They wanted potential donors to know not just that they undertake social-upliftment activities, but to see both their range and their results.

The concept was to communicate that Cipla are #NotAskingForAnything… at least, not for themselves.

We built a microsite and ran an awareness and lead-driving campaign via their social media. We also shot a video ad (see above) which lived on the microsite and was distributed across multiple social channels, with programmatic, paid-reach, and influencer-strategy support.

I left Honeykome (now OleConnect) while the campaign was still running. Sadly I did not get to see the performance metrics, but I do know that it performed well and the client was very happy with the work and its results.

It’s worth noting that the ad was shot on the most shoestring of budgets, with the most skeleton of crews. One day, two cameramen, a designer and VFX guy. Staff volunteered to be in the ad, we used real Cipla locations, and incorporated footage from existing collateral of theres, graded to feel quite seamless. I was very please with the end result, given the resources at hand. A solid, honest, bread-and-butter piece of work, which did the job at hand.

Concept: Gord Laws
Creative Director/ECD: Gord Laws
Copywriter: Gord Laws
Videographer: Jacob Claassens
2nd Camera: John Parr
Art Direction/Design: Allan Slow
VFX, Additional Editing, Grading: Ryan Jonathan
AE: Rugaya Jacobs

This was the copy that accompanied the video and served as the “About” blurb on the microsite:

Our #NotAskingForAnything campaign is more than just a social-media hashtag. It’s a heartfelt invitation for anyone – from regular, good-hearted people, all the way to big businesses and corporations – to join us in doing whatever we can for real people in need. We’re on the ground, offering medical care, safe learning spaces and even corrective surgery for kids with clefts, but we could do so much more together. We don’t want anything for ourselves. But we do want to make a real difference in the lives of others. Join us. We have a real chance to change the world for the better.

Visit http://ciplafoundationsa.co.za and make a real difference #NotAskingForAnything