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Toons by Gord Laws: "Threecan and Nake" 0

Toon: “Threecan” & “Nake” by Gord Laws (2013)

I really enjoy drawing critters. They pop into my mind and I need sorta “release” them by banging them out on whatever’s handy; be it

June 15, 2014 doodles
Hypochondramouse, by Gord Laws 0

Toon: “Hypercondramouse” by Gord Laws (2006)

I like this little guy, even if I do feel a bit guilty for deliberately creating a creature that is always petrified, anxious and paranoid. Convinced

June 09, 2014 doodles
Advertising robot 0

Toon: “Advertising Robot” by Gord Laws (2013)

A little toon I drew after a particularly rough deadline recently: A robot that produces emotions on demand. People in advertising might relate… Gord Laws

December 10, 2013 doodles
Dogfish by Gord Laws 0

Toon: “Dogfish” by Gord Laws (2013)

A little companion I created for my dear friends Ryan and Jade Neebe. They’re not allowed dogs where they live, so I made them a

December 09, 2013 doodles
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