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Jonathan Davis from Korn 0

Gord Laws Archive: Interview with Jonathan Davis (2008)

There are several good stories that have their origins in the night of Coke Fest, 2008. This Q&A that I conducted in Korn’s dressing room

June 02, 2014 writing
Corey Taylor FHM Q&A by Gord Laws 0

Gord Laws Archive: Interview With Corey Taylor (2009)

This was an incredibly rad interview, and definitely one of my most memorable ever. I got to interview Corey Taylor (author, and vocalist of slipknot

May 31, 2014 writing
Gord Laws' interview on Adlip 0

Gord Laws Discusses OwenKessel & the FHM Ad Account on Adlip

Adlip is a site that discusses and analyses the SA Advertising Industry. They interviewed me about my role at OwenKessel, our advertising partnership with FHM South Africa,

December 19, 2013 news
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