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Xerox 4110 Digital Copier/Printer 0

Xerox (2008)

I wrote this one a plane, coming back from Mexico, thinking about something I was rather fixated with at the time; identity. I like the

March 11, 2013 poems, serious
Winnie the pooh sad 1

The Bottom (2008)

This is one of my all-time favourites, even if it is very dark and very personal. Every time I read it,  it takes me back

March 11, 2013 poems, serious
Gord Laws cartoon - Puff the Magic Dragon 0

Toon: “Puff the Magik, Dragon” by Gord Laws (2003)

A really old toon I drew and painted whilst studying at Vega back in 2003. I’ve aways been really fond of it. Brings back good

February 11, 2013 doodles
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