SA Boet Hard Eddy Narrates a Game Drive (Parts 1 & 2)

A “new” video of an SA Boytjie narrating a game drive has been doing the rounds again. It’s actually Part Two in a 2016 series where my alter ego, Hard Eddy, jols some schweet, kak-informative descriptions over a wildlife video shot by my charnas at PVR films…

Sadly, these videos, which seem to go viral about once a year or so, were ripped from the PVR Vimeo and Youtube pages. And, they aren’t actually new at all… Back in 2016, we made two of them. Here they are:

It seems like, most recently, it’s Part Two that has gotten some random guy on FB a few hundred thousand views. With local happy-vibes blog GoodThingsGuy calling it “The Funniest Thing of 2019 So Far” (or something nice like that) when they posted a story about it in February this year (2019). They were cool about it, though, and updated their article when we told them it was actually by PVR Films and I, and was from 2016, linking our video instead of the ripped version. Thanks dudes!

Honestly, we’re just happy people are enjoying the videos. It’s nice to get credit for your work and not have your content ripped, but if that’s how more people get to see it, then all the better. But, if you do dig it and want to share it, please rather share this article, or the links in it, next time it does the rounds. Shot, boet!

Videography: Allan Slow and Ryan Scheltema at PVR Films.
Voice-over and VO script/ad-lib: Gord Laws (aka “Hard Eddy“)

NEWS UPDATE: Check out “Boet Fighter” – a new, local video game, co-created by and starring my alter-ego, Hard Eddy!